12 April 2012

Scenes from Sunday

Notes to self:

-Buby loves Easter. It's his very favorite holiday. The pressure was on.
-Grandpa drove down Saturday to spend the weekend with us.
-That made us all super happy. We don't see him often enough.

-Buby was WIDE awake and ready to go before the sun rose.
-Bleu slept in despite all the excitement.
-Buby discovered a special gift on the counter from his gnome Lopus True.
-Ollie woke up with a gross runny nose. Poor kid. Happy even with a cold.

-We poured ourselves some hot French Roast on our way out to the backyard.
-Ollie shocked us with his egg hunting know-how.
-He participates in
everything this year, and we love it.
-All of the kids were good and fair in their hunting.

-I scored the new gathering baskets in the $1 section at Target. Aren't they pretty?
-Didn't My Sweets and Buby wear the exact same pajama bottoms last Easter? I thought so.
-New pajamas in 2013! Ha.

-E. Bunny filled 60 plastic eggs with healthy treats.
-Grandpa J. filled 20 more with quarters {and a few mini Smarties for the big kids}.

-Bleu found the prized Golden Egg this year. That made her whole day :)
-Buby found a ginormous clear egg filled with seed packets.
-He is our gardener and wanted seeds in the worst way.

-Bleu's fave item in her basket was a personal water mister. She carries it around all day.
-Ollie's was prob his new bug net. That boy loves himself a good net to fill.

-My Sweets cooked up the best darn breakfast I ever had.
-The big kids ate their yogurt, granola and fresh berries.

-Bleu explained to Grandpa exactly what happened to Jesus on Good Friday.
-She told about the cross, the holes in his hand, and how he came back to us on Easter Sunday.
-Finally, she promised that Jesus is here--all the time--even though we can't see him.
-She is three years old and totally gets it. I LOVE that girl.

-Grandpa taught Buby and Bleu the roll-and-peel method for hard boiled eggs.
-I pulled some very hot/fatty/gooey orange rolls from the oven {my little tradition for me}.

-Buby gazed into his new Perplexus Maze with the ultimate goal of reaching 100.
-The boys planted parts of the garden. The parts they could on a cool April day.
-The crew of 4 left for church while I stayed behind chasing Ollie's boogers.
-We cuddled. We cleaned. We bathed. It was a very good and relaxy morning.

-I hung some amazing bunny art courtesy of cousins Sid, Lil and Mason {thank you!!}.
-Grandpa gifted Buby a mini greenhouse that was My Sweets' back in the 80's.
-Lots of potting and planting and chit chatting about growing things.

-We snacked on a platter of Gouda, cheddar curds, Colby/jack, and baby Swiss.

-We played soccer on a freshly mowed lawn.

-We had egg salad on wheat, a rainbow of sweet peppers, and Cuties for lunch.

Bleu and Grandpa sat for several games of Princess Go Fish. That was cuter than a Cutie.
-Ollie Bear napped. I can't remember for how long, but he napped. YES!

-Dinner was fillet Mignon, gourmet purple potatoes, white pearl onions, mushrooms, and broccoli.
-My Sweets is THE BEST chef in the world! I am so lucky to have him. And not just because he cooks.

-I didn't plan a dessert because we had Rachel's banana cupcakes the day before.
-But then I thought it was weird not to have a dessert on Easter....
-So I pulled out a box of Dr. Oetker's organic chocolate pudding mix I've been wanting to try.
-I turned on the stove and made a pie in less than 20 minutes :) Grandpa and the kids liked.

-I gifted Bleu my old {never used} yoga mat from the attic. Downward Dog!
-I gifted Bear the only big plastic toy we had left in the attic... a garage someone gave Buby around this age.
-Bear is really into zooming his cars all over, so I'm glad I saved it. It's a hit.
-We all went to bed with happy bellies and grateful hearts.

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Grandma DJ said...

Great day!! Love you forever