28 February 2012

Notes to Gnomes

Every time I walk into my kitchen I discover more random notes intended for gnomes we've never met... pieces of food carefully placed into itty bitty vessels... a tissue box labeled as a bed... just in case a legendary little creature comes to life and roams our house while we're sleeping.

This is one of my favorite aspects of motherhood. I love to watch my children's imaginations take flight. Their minds are still open and pure. They give their hearts so freely. They see possibilities where we don't. They turn the unlikely and unproven into wonderful little adventures that I never see coming. Every single day. I believe in magic because my children believe in magic. They are magic.

These mini endeavors are rarely my idea, but it is up to me not to squash them. I wish to keep their creative spirits in tact for as long as possible. One day {sooner than we think} they'll be all grown up and more interesting people for it.

Buby's friend Jonas nurtured his latest fascination with gnomes. I assumed it was the movie we rented, but Buby said no.
"These are totally different, Mom. Not your average garden gnomes. They are way more special-er!" Like, duh.

P.S. Jonas joined our school in the Fall and has been such a kind and creative compliment to my son's inner circle. He illustrated a menu for Buby of all the foods that gnomes crave most, and Buby keeps it handy and refers to it often.

Six year olds are cool.

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Grandma DJ said...

these are so cute!! let the imagination soar!! love you forever