20 May 2011

Guest Post by Tom

This is Tom's post to Jenny.

After 11 years of marriage, 3 ½
years engaged, 6 months dating, and 4 ½ years of denying our love (while best of friends), I am more in love with Jenny today than ever. She has been with me one way or another for more than half my life, and I cannot imagine a life without her. She’s my earthly everything. My true love. My best friend. My inspiration. My children’s Mother.

After so much time, and with a never-ending journey still ahead, anniversary gifts become inadequate vehicles of appre
ciation. This year I thought I would give Jenny something she probably thought I was incapable of giving... me identifying my favorite everything about her. I’ll let Jenny explain in a future post, but basically I don’t do “faves.”

For me there isn’t a more mean
ingful medium to share my thoughts than her blog since it has meant so much to me over the years. So with that, I ask Jenny to indulge me for a few moments and just enjoy.

This is my favorite photo of Jenny {above}. It has been in my wallet, forever. I took it in a park in her hometown. It means a lot to me because I know the story hiding behind her eyes. It was a period of time that was a turning point in our relationship from best friends who fell in love to much more.

The grapes on her necklace represented something deeply personal that we shared. When she lost those plastic grapes, it kind of signaled a freedom from that. The photo holds still a time when I knew there was no way I was going to let this girl go, again. I knew I wanted to hold her forever.

My favorite thing about Jenny is that she is an incredible mother to our children and she still finds time to love me.

My favorite date with Jenny was the summer of ’96, dancing slowly in candlelight on the beach, our second first kiss.

My favorite job was working on the mowing crew with Jenny, pretending I wasn’t watching her as she strutted across the lawn with her sun-dyed hair, brown skin, and sexy jeans. She always smelled divine in the summer air.

My favorite kiss seems to come with every next kiss. Seriously.

My favorite physical attribute of Jenny’s, which I promise there are many, starts with the back of her neck.

My favorite characteristic of Jenny’s is that she appreciates everything and expresses it.

My favorite moments in life are always in her presence.

My favorite nicknames she uses for me are Sweets and Tommy.

My favorite memories are Jenny walking down the grassy path at our wedding just as the rain broke, and the days she held our babies for the first time.

My favorite adventures have been riding in the Jeep with her and the kids to nowhere in the mountains, with the top off.

My favorite holiday memory was the time we tried to make everyone happy and ate three full Thanksgiving dinners within six hours.

My favorite moonlight story featured the motorcycle, the backdrop of a warm, steamy night, a lonely pond, and a full moon.

My favorite inside joke is ssa.

My favorite minute is now.

My favorite is Jenny.

Here is my Top 100, everything I love about Jenny. Believe it!

1) She shares my faith

2) Her morals are impeccable

3) She said yes

4) She’s Buby’s Mom

5) She’s Bleu’s Mom

6) She’s Ollie’s Mom

7) I love her family

8) She loves my family

9) I’ve never not trusted her

10) She’s never not trusted me

11) She’s an incredible professional

12) She’s so smart

13) She’s the best editor

14) She’s the best writer

15) She’s an accomplished designer

16) She’s an incredible photographer

17) She never puts herself first, but she should sometime

18) She can ride a motorcycle and it’s sexy

19) She’s a great example

20) She’s inspirational to many

21) She loves me unconditionally

22) She makes me a better man

23) She is full of passion

24) Her expectations are fair

25) She lets me be me, and she loves it

26) We started with nothing

27) We built everything together

28) We could be just as good with nothing

29) She likes to fish

30) She likes to camp

31) She loves to travel

32) She’ll try new food even though she doesn’t want to

33) She thinks I’m the best cook

34) She always does what’s best for our family

35) She chose TomTom and not Garmin or Magellan

36) She keeps me connected through our blog

37) She recognizes sacrifice

38) She rarely complains

39) Her embrace

40) Her kisses

41) Her lips

42) Her hands

43) Her eyes

44) Her smile

45) Her butt

46) Her choice of friends

47) Her choice of schools

48) She reads many books to the kids

49) Her parties

50) Her planning

51) Her cute designs

52) Her lists

53) Her piles

54) Long walks to nowhere in particular

55) Her inability to choose between simple, insignificant things

56) Her ability to make big decisions

57) Late mornings in bed

58) Date nights

59) She still looks into my eyes when we talk

60) Her very detailed stories

61) Her ability to tell 10 stories at once

62) That she eats ice cream for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and late-night

63) That she feeds the kids healthy foods and snacks

64) She cares, always

65) Her big brown eyes staring me down

66) Her love

67) Her heart

68) Her will

69) Her desire

70) Her determination

71) She’s a real woman

72) When she wears a simple tank top or white tee

73) When she surprises me with a carrot cake cupcake

74) The way she decorated our house

75) She’s simple

76) She’s complex

77) She’s reasonable

78) She’s crazy

79) She wants the best for all

80) She’s sensitive

81) She hurts

82) She cries

83) She laughs

84) She’s shy

85) She’s bold

86) She’ll do anything

87) She speaks French

88) She took me to Paris

89) She took me to Spain

90) She brought me to NYC

91) She let us live in the country

92) She wears my socks

93) She protects our children

94) She pays the bills

95) She manages the insurance company

96) Her favorite number is 3... and 3 is a great number

97) Our children love her so, so much

98) I love her so, so much

99) She still says yes

100) She’s my wife and I’m her husband

I love you babe. Happy anniversary.

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Grandma DJ said...

such a true blessing .. you two .. love you forever