04 May 2007

100 things

100 things about me
  1. I sure do love my littles. I have a blessed life.
  2. I enjoy good coffee in the morning.
  3. I never watch a DVD more than once.
  4. Unless it's the original "Pride + Prejudice."
  5. I can appreciate fashion but prefer to dress simply, t-shirts and jeans on most days.
  6. I shared an elevator with Luciano Pavarotti.
  7. The Bronx Zoo gorilla exhibit is my fave.
  8. I still beg my mom for homemade pies.
  9. I'm cold at night, even in July.
  10. Facials are my ultimate luxury item.
  11. I sing in the car.
  12. I have zero musical talent, as proven with attempts at violin, piano, clarinet, and chorus.
  13. Favorite colors: Grey, brown, black, ivory, and all shades of BLUE.
  14. Fall is definitely my season.
  15. I'm the only one in my immediate family without a tattoo.
  16. I have a wallet that smells like my grandmother.
  17. I wish I could ride my bicycle every day.
  18. I'm a meat and potatoes girl.
  19. I have hundreds of handbags but only use one.
  20. Favorite book: "Flowers for Algernon" (4th grade).
  21. I eat super late at night.
  22. Daniel Craig is my favorite 007. Yes, even more than Sean C.
  23. Favorite blooms: Purple lilacs, white peonies and blue hydrangeas.
  24. My dad has always called me "Jaybird."
  25. I had a sea urchin pulled out of my foot on the beaches of Puerto Plata, D.R.
  26. I shy away from confrontation.
  27. I don't like to follow recipes.
  28. I don't need much sleep.
  29. I can't calculate tip in my head.
  30. I was admitted into a legendary Studio 54 party with a VIP pass.
  31. Favorite trips: France, Ireland, and Spain.
  32. I was a teenage diplomat in France at age 15.
  33. I was the first female "trapper boy" at a gun club at age 16.
  34. I was a reporter chasing senators around the U.S. Capitol at age 19.
  35. I sat in the State of the Union press box during Clinton's 2nd term.
  36. I fought off a mugger on 14th street. 
  37. I sat at the guest counter with Tom on "Emeril Live."
  38. My dream was to work as a magazine editor, and I did so for 11 years.
  39. I commuted 4 hours a day when I was 9 months pregnant.
  40. I have a love story with Tom of which I wouldn't change a single moment.
  41. My daughter came into the world fast and furiously.
  42. I still have the itty bitty worry dolls that my dad gifted me.
  43. I knew the night I met my husband that I would know him forever.
  44. I believe in jinxing.
  45. I don't believe in horoscopes.
  46. I landed on crutches after snowboarding just once.
  47. I will not eat mayonnaise or sour cream.
  48. I crave baked goods 24/7.
  49. I worked at the best fashion magazine in the world before it folded.
  50. My nose is crooked, but it wasn't always.
  51. I love the smell of fresh-mowed grass.
  52. I'm not good at long-distance or high-maintenance relationships.
  53. I love photography and what it does for my visual memory.
  54. I get so frustrated with computers.
  55. I did not go to church as a child.
  56. I enjoy church as an adult.
  57. I delivered three 8+ lb. babies vaginally and nursed them each for 12-22 mos.
  58. I'm a game-night junkie.
  59. I begged for glasses and braces in 7th grade -- thought they were cool!
  60. I am a middle child and the only girl.
  61. I have a middle child who is the only girl.
  62. I almost drowned while body surfing the Ottawa River during a rafting trip.
  63. I can't read in the car.
  64. I love where we live.
  65. I became a much better driver when I became a mom.
  66. I swam in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Saint Tropez.
  67. I'm horribly indecisive about small stuff.
  68. I have the BEST in-laws.
  69. I experienced complete no-contrast vision lost in both eyes for 8 minutes on a subway train. 
  70. I've been collecting rocks my whole life.
  71. I was a sardine in Times Square during the Millennium Ball Drop (Y2K).
  72. I still have my first diary (under lock + key).
  73. I'd rather picnic under a shady tree than dine in a fancy restaurant.
  74. I enjoy an organized home.
  75. I get creeped out swimming in dirty lakes.
  76. I have a competitive spirit.
  77. I'm more INsensitive than overly sensitive.
  78. I laid over the edge of the Cliffs of Moher with My Sweets in Ireland.
  79. I can't sew but appreciate all things crafty and handmade.
  80. Tom is the better cook (by far!).
  81. I got to meet one of my heroes, Jane Goodall.
  82. Languages come very easy to me.
  83. Which is weird because I was in speech from ages 3-12.
  84. I am fascinated by people and pretty sentimental about life's simple pleasures.
  85. I slept on a Chelsea sidewalk during the Northeast Blackout of 2003.
  86. I climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower after three goblets of Bordeaux Rouge.
  87. I pay no attention to my nails.
  88. I have three nephews and three nieces who I adore.
  89. I think guys are (often) easier friends than girls.
  90. My pre-k teacher recognized me when I was home from college.
  91. I danced on a pool table with My Sweets in front of a cheering crowd.
  92. I experienced 9/11 as a New Yorker and it broke a piece of me forever.
  93. I don't like jelly beans.
  94. I suffer chronic migraines. Damn those migraines!
  95. My special talent (according to the kids) is speed riddling.
  96. I saw James Brown's last performance at The Apollo.
  97. I forget things. I lose things. I run late for things.
  98. My mom and I are super close, though we live so far away.
  99. I cherish my role as a wife and mother.
  100. I love being IN love with the coolest man in the world!


Blue House Mom said...

I made it through your list! Terrific! I laughed several times and learned a lot about you. A few of my favorites: I agree with you on facials; Did the wallet belong to your grandmother or it just has her smell?; First female trapper boy had me laughing out loud; What crooked your nose?; What kind of shop will you open?; Not even Jelly Belly jellybeans?

Buby & Co. said...

Nope. It was my friend Nicole's wallet. We traded because I loved that it smelled exactly like my Aunt Carol and my Grandma V. They are a lot alike... and the scent is beautiful. Broke my nose a couple of times. Once Tom's elbow during a rough one-on-one b-ball game in high school. Shop is a vintage modern boutique with lots of one-of-a-kind kiddie stuff. Not even Jelly Belly, that's right!