03 May 2007

Pretty Packaging

How you wrap a gift can be as important as the gift itself. Buby & Co. chooses these handsome press board suitcases for organizing life's unsightly essentials (ours are orange with yellow handles and help cheer up the home office). But they easily double as pretty packaging for baby shower gifts. 'Tis the season. Simply fill each box with lightweight themed goodies, stack, and then tie a vibrant striped or floral grosgrain ribbon around it. Et voila. As other bags and boxes are relegated to the trash, this set will be saved... used again and again as decorative storage around the house. Check them out for $8 and $10 each at Mahar Drygoods. Caveat: Buby & Co. discovered that you must buy a gift from Mahar to order the boxes. They aren't sold separately.

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