27 August 2014

Bits + Pieces // June

The morning after a rain.

Flashlight dictionary game at the school sleepover.

Somewhere... over the rainbow.

Evening of her first ballet recital.

Post International Day goofiness.

Continuous bloom.

Bleu's balloon canvas.

First radish of the season.

So happy the pool is open. Never mind the temperature.
Letter sounds with Bear.

Bleu's number roll 1-1,000.

With Grandma at the highly anticipated annual used book sale.

Warm cinnamon bun cake to celebrate My Sweets. 

Love a man who dresses himself.

Creamy chicken-potato corn chowder.

No such thing as a quick trip to B+N with these three.

First strawberry of the season.

Upside down girl. Thank goodness for skorts.

Pirate play. I'm really going to miss these mornings.

Garden greens.


Swooning over these peonies down the street.

Bleu's Father's Day craft to Daddy.

Good times with our neighbor's grandchildren.

Yes. We survived the highest Zipline Canopy Tour in North America.

Pre breakfast on the last day of school.

Medicinal plants from Ella's doctors-on-ice party.

Celebrating with a scoop of Ms. Simmrin's organic ice cream.

Rain drops on roses.

Mini white onion from the garden.

At a charity luncheon playing Lady Mary from Downton Abbey.

Summer Break

Hello! It's been a while. I took a break from blogging this summer. Our days at home and on the road have been full. When I look back on the last three months I think of all the late nights, slow mornings, sandy beaches, high tides, free play, sibling rivalry, French roasts, chapter books, hikes to waterfalls, evenings by the pool, faraway family hugs, porch renovations, and memorable camp experiences. We've been blessed. It was everything a summer should be.

Although I've filled up my iPhone storage multiple times, I've barely powered on the laptop since school let out. That means uploading, organizing and editing images now will be a PROJECT. Despite the break I'd love for this online scrapbook of mine to remain chronological. The best way for me to keep the big events of summer in order (for future printing) is to back-date each post once I'm caught up. Just scroll down through the weekly numbered posts to see what's new.

03 August 2014


Week ending 8.3.14

1. Buby at the local arboretum.
2. Bleu at the county fair.
3. Bear at the village concert series.

27 July 2014


Week ending 7.27.14

1. Buby brings his smile to Cape Cod.
2. Bleu shows off her new BF ring.
3. Bear takes a break on our jetty hike.

20 July 2014


 Week ending 7.20.14

1. Buby gets measured on the door frame.
2. Bleu experiments with sticker earrings.
3. Bear learns to surf in our pool.

13 July 2014


Week ending 7.13.14

1. Buby and Jude have a great week at Camp Invention.
2. Bleu is happy to suggest we stop for ice cream.
3. Bear lunches at the lake with friends.

06 July 2014


 Week ending 7.6.14

1. Buby sneaks out for a movie date with Daddy.
2. Bleu lounges by a pool with her bestie.
3. Bear tells me he loves me every day.

29 June 2014


Week ending 6.29.14

1. Buby says Cape May is his favorite vacation spot!
2. Handstands, cartwheels and splits oh my!
3. We're zoo people -- most of all Bear.