11 April 2014


Week ending 4.13.14

1. Crazy Hair Day at Bub's school. (You could almost surf on that wave!)
2. Bleu caught breathing on the car window to trace a heart. That's my girl.
3. He asks me to push from the front so he can swing into me. Thanks, Bear ;)

10 April 2014

i heart

Bleu's dragonfly-flower painting.

06 April 2014


Week ending 4.6.14

1. Hanging out in Buby's room listening to music.
2. Bleu swing jumps and sticks her landings.
3. Bear is asleep at lunch, thanks to a hypnotic vacuum.

02 April 2014

Camera Roll

Double-date night at a really cool warehouse with amazing food.

Third in from the left.

One of my favorite buildings. 

No school = berry pancakes for everyone!

Showing off our mother-daughter manis/pedis.

Little Bear's cutting basket. He practices daily. 

Canvas zipper totes at Michael's for $2.

Just a SMALL sampling of Buby's MOST beloved stuffed animals.

The fine art of snowbank walking.This one has perfected it.

A field trip to the philharmonic with Buby's class.

Goo is a legit science experiment, right?

The hand-carved hiking stick we found for Buby in Vermont.

Enjoying this double chocolate banana bread recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Arguably the best fried chicken and ribs outside the city.

 He's lost 8 teeth so far, and each time the T.F. has left a red apple and a golden dollar.
I guess he wants to switch things up?!?

My mom's key lime pie. Hmmmmmm.

A date with Buby and Bleu to see "Alice in Wonderland" the ballet.

Passion fruit taste test, at Buby's insistence.

The boys spend a day at Madava Farms, home of Crown Maple organic syrup.

Let the good times ROLL on a Friday afternoon. 

Scoreboard faces: Determination, wonder, joy.
The eight year old collects resort maps. Of course!

First thing she notices about bowling shoes...

He slept the whole night in his makeshift fort.

01 April 2014

The Goldfinch

Another reason I've seemingly neglected this little corner of mine. I joined an active book club last year, at the insistence of my friend Lin. It's been a lovely journey -- meeting new people and coming back to fiction after so many years of being drawn (exclusively?) to nonfiction. Surprisingly I've become attached to characters in every novel we've read thus far. Last week I threw myself into Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch. My bookmark -- an oil pastel cutout of my five year old's hands -- currently rests on page 453. I usually read a few pages over breakfast and more when the kiddos go down to sleep. I read while Tom finishes up his work or watches the tournament. I read during commercial breaks of The Blacklist and under an itty bitty book lamp into the wee hours.

Throughout the day I wonder if/how Theo will return the painting? Will he ever be able to rest easy? Is there a happy ending in here? I carefully avoid all reviews and discussions (oh so many!!) so as not to spoil the story for myself. I like to go into these things blind, knowing curiosity is my best shot at getting through 771 pages of anything. Are you reading anything so good you just can't put it down?

31 March 2014


Week ending 3.30.14

1. Buby is the sweetest -- and most serious -- young person I know. 
2. Conversations with Bleu are never, ever dull. She is an interesting kid.
3. Hide-and-seek through a magazine telescope helps entertain Bear in waiting rooms.

25 March 2014

St. Pat's Parade

Our school marched in the local St. Pat's Parade again. Tutus from Rachel.

My mom and Tom were good sports to join us. Hi Buby!

I made paper chains for the first time in 30 years.

Twenty kids squeezed into our borrowed wagon. 
(School name blurred for privacy.)

The kids blew bubbles into the crowd.

Clover bouquets.

Handmade hats by Bleu and Buby.

She's a crafty one.

 Leprechaun ornament by Grandma DJ.

24 March 2014


 Week ending 3.23.14

1. Buby writing a story for school inspired by Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.
2. Bleu visiting a nature center with her class. The talking bird is her favorite part.
3. Bear studying my big U.S. map. He points to Texas when I ask where Grandma DJ lives.

16 March 2014


Week ending 3.16.14

1. Buby shows off the loaf of bread he made during a First Communion church retreat.
2. Bleu experiments with mustaches. She concludes that they are itchy and leave a rash.
3. Bear is a snow bank enthusiast. Climbing has made this brutal winter enjoyable for him.