03 August 2014


Week ending 8.3.14

1. Buby at the local arboretum.
2. Bleu at the county fair.
3. Bear at the village concert series.

27 July 2014


Week ending 7.27.14

1. Buby brings his smile to Cape Cod.
2. Bleu shows off her new BF ring.
3. Bear takes a break on our jetty hike.

20 July 2014


 Week ending 7.20.14

1. Buby gets measured on the door frame.
2. Bleu experiments with sticker earrings.
3. Bear learns to surf in our pool.

13 July 2014


Week ending 7.13.14

1. Buby and Jude have a great week at Camp Invention.
2. Bleu is happy to suggest we stop for ice cream.
3. Bear lunches at the lake with friends.

06 July 2014


 Week ending 7.6.14

1. Buby sneaks out for a movie date with Daddy.
2. Bleu lounges by a pool with her bestie.
3. Bear tells me he loves me every day.

29 June 2014


Week ending 6.29.14

1. Buby says Cape May is his favorite vacation spot!
2. Handstands, cartwheels and splits oh my!
3. We're zoo people -- most of all Bear.

22 June 2014


Week ending 6.22.14

1. Buby has the sweetest smile.
2. Bleu forgets to chew with her mouth closed.
3. Bear will copy whatever you do.

15 June 2014


Week ending 6.15.14

1. Buby harvests his first radish of the season.
2. Bleu is a rule follower, but she gets hung up on the last one.
3. Bear tries out the Primary room at school.

40th Anniversary

Happy 40 years of marriage to my parents. Aren't they cute? Photo taken at my wedding in 2000.

08 June 2014


Week ending 6.8.14

1. Buby's excellent adventure on a ropes course.
2. Bleu is forever trying to master fish lips.
3. Bear's morning chores includes watering.

01 June 2014


 Week ending 6.1.14

1. Buby rummages through our costume closet before school.
2. Bleu wraps up a year of ballet and prepares for the big show.
3. Bear gets his first pair of rain boots -- and LOVES THEM.

26 May 2014

Bits + Pieces

I love where I live.

Thousands of pink blossoms arrive at my doorstep every Spring.

And then, like overnight, they are gone.

Bleu's bubble bath beard.

Strawberry oat muffins for breakfast.

Oh yeah! Skipping rocks.

Smoothies 101 with Ollie. 

Teepee building after a three-mile hike with Cub Scouts.

Nothing better.

Five years ago these were on Buby's feet:)


Definitely NOT afraid of heights.

Our buddy down at the river. 

Homemade whipping cream.

Driveway art via rubber tires.

Bleu is super into jewelry lately.

Buby celebrates his First Holy Communion.

I may have cried.

Bleu experimenting with magnets at school.