21 May 2011

Live and Lobe

Photo of us by Blue Lily.

We text each other the word "love" and it automatically changes to "live" on my phone and "lobe" on his. I live him and he lobes me and we laugh about it.

My Sweets and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on Friday. We didn't have any grand plans, but it turned out to be the best little day.
And not for any one reason. It just started well and ended well with lots of happy in between. {And no fussy from the kids.}

I wanted to take a sec to thank My Sweets for stealing my blog late Thursday night to surprise me with a love note of sorts. Let me tell you something about Tom. He does NOT pick favorites. I could spend hours pondering my favorite everything from ice cream to letter fonts to boy names. If you ask him his favorite anything {band, Jeep color, movie of all time} he refuses to commit. So to receive an official list of faves... what a gift.

If it's not entirely obvious already... I love my husband. I really really love him. All the time. Reading his not-so-little list made me laugh and cry. Laugh because he knows me too well. Cry because he knows me too well.

Last night when the house was finally asleep, the lights out, the day done... My Sweets and I whispered
about the years we spent dancing around our intense attraction. And when I knew that "just friends" or even "best friends" was no longer enough. Seeing him every day actually started to hurt. I was too deep IN love to pretend otherwise.

We whispered about the first time I said
"I love you" to him. I was mad and afraid I could lose the one person who meant the world to me, but it had to be said. We whispered about the wild romance that would follow {like a week later--haha}, moving away, moving in, and making a life.

After all these years I still feel giddy when I'm around My Sweets.
Nervous and excited yet safe and secure. I'm 19 again. I have a great love in my life, which I treasure, and I wish that for everyone.

Now back to our regularly scheduled non-mushy posts. Heehee.

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Grandma DJ said...

yes .. smiles and tears .. very sweet .. love you forever