21 October 2013

I Love to Watch You Play (part II)


We're so lucky to have a public tennis court right in our village. Sometimes I forget it's here, but as soon as I remember the kids and I walk down and spend a few hours.

Buby has skills. The younger two haven't taken any lessons, so it's a riot to watch them play. When Bleu was little she was our designated "ball chaser." Lots of scraped knees! Now that she's five and playing against Buby, I've offered Ollie and I to go after the balls. But she insists she wants to do it all herself, which means she darts around that court full speed from the time we arrive. It's why Buby is all smiles in this recent post.... laughing at his sister and her hilarious/sporty ways. As for Ollie, I toss him the ball and he bats it with his racket in perfect baseball form :)

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