03 October 2013

I Love to Watch You Play



Recently I was catching up on this blog and saw an article by Rachel Macy Stafford titled "Six Words You Should Say Today." I totally agree with the author and it made me think. I'm always cheering on my children, weather it's Ollie leaping over a rain puddle, Buby summonsing the courage to speak in front of a group, or Bleu walking her five-year-old friend through a scary situation. My kiddos are SO different, which I've come to realize is a gift. I marvel at them constantly. Tom and I both do. 

The greatest joy for me as a mom is watching them grow and mature into whoever they are meant to be; to challenge themselves (and each other); to reach for the moon; to fail and try again. Throughout each day I say things like: "Awesome!," "High Five!," "It's OK, Honey!," and "Woohoo!" (Yes, I say that.) But the article inspired me to switch up the message ever so slightly and every so often. Now I am more conscious about pulling the kids aside individually and whispering how I LOVE to watch them _______. And you know what? It works. Instant glow from the inside out. 

To Bleu: "I love to watch you be a big sister." To Ollie: "I love to watch you wind up your arms the way you do just before you take off running. Superhero style." To Buby: "I love to watch you play tennis and laugh uncontrollably at Bleu chasing balls around the court." 

Truth is, I don't give a crap if my eight year old ever wins a tennis match, or enters one for that matter, but I care that he KNOWS (plain and simple) how much I love to watch him play.

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