21 October 2013

Bits + Pieces

Hello, Autumn!

Bleu says she's composing music "in cursive." 

Bridge over woolly bear.

Nature study.

A sloooooow walk home from the park.

Beautiful New York State.

Our very own Pippi Longstocking: Strong, fearless, fashionable.

Just around the corner. 

The last of our tomato harvest. My Sweets jarred his own green sauce. 
The blocks are people putting on life jackets.

Hand-me-down American Girl dolls from Phoebe in Tom's office.

I love where we live.

And Fall is my fave. 

Amazing pizza before Buby's religious education class.  
A rare mid-day snooze on the playroom sofa.  
Harvesting hot peppers from the garden.

Two monkeys who never stop climbing.

Quality time with Grandma DJ.

On my to-do list this month.

Bleu and the 22-year-old Parisian skort she made me try on ;)


Steep hill down to the river.

Cut and color.

Girls weekend: Strolling to dinner at our "fancy" restaurant.

Look what we ran into down at the park!

Arboretum with Ollie.

Reading to ME at bedtime.

On her wish list, always. 

My everyday, all-the-time buddy.

He's never liked the sun.

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