07 August 2013

My Daughter's Nightstand

What a mess! The itty bitty surface space on top of her nightstand (handed down from great grandparents) is the one place where my Bleu chooses to showcase all things nearest and dearest to her heart. So really... I cannot mess with this revolving display of hers, no matter how cluttered.

Let's take a closer look, shall we? I see the following: Two standard unit blocks; "Torty the Turtle" souvenir from Provincetown; a fave bedtime book with the Valentine bookmark from Ava; a lined notepad from her 4th (strawberry-themed) birthday party; a writer's globe that I gifted her (from my teen years); a Precious Moments bible; a sparkle headband crown from our dress-up bin; an old pageant trophy from my youth; a butterfly wand from Ms. Rana's dance recital; a black horse; a Botanics lip balm; a sea shell from Ella's last vacation; a crystal snowman from her Christmas stocking; a rosy treasure box full of hair ties; a light-up alarm clock; a metal hand press; and a muskrat fur from my dad. Oh yes. A muskrat fur that we lovingly refer to as "Muskrat Love."

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