07 August 2013

Bits + Pieces

Goodnight sweethearts! Pirate pjs from here.

We've used our pool more this summer than any other.

Happy 62nd birthday, Grandpa!

While I made lunch Ollie made a rainbow on my hand.

Grandma DJ flew in to babysit for one night so we could party!

Local corn.

Watercolor by Bleu.

Organic, gluten-free banana muffins for Cape Cod. 

The sunset over Bethel Woods. 

I'm in a Book Club again, and I vow to finish this book in a timely fashion.

Natalie Merchant 17 years later! She was fantastic.

Matching rings, sort of :-)

Belly-wacker extraordinaire!  

Buby's Golf Camp fell on the hottest week ever.

Double date night through the mountains on motorcycles!

Summer ballet. She's loving it.

Ollie's favorite toy de jour.

Magic show. Serious business.

Putting our Kitty to bed in the playroom.

Five friends at the lake.   

Driving ranges and tether balls. Oh my!

Old barns always get my attention.

A last afternoon with Sara at D's country house; our rock/foliage/tile finds.

Going through Sara's "prize" pile.

How Buby does the salon.

Last big road trip of the summer.

Chilling at Grandma's for a whole week.

Purple for Bleu.

Gifts bags double as birthday cards for the twins.  

A heart-shaped tenderloin; a quick ride with my guy.


Wanting to feed the ducks.

Waking up at my mom's.

No trip to ROC is complete without a Tom Wahl's burger; chipping practice.

The best part of coming home from any vacation is seeing what's in the garden.  

Watching out for her little brother, always.

Warming up Mom's banana bread for breakfast.

First day back: Making our rounds.

We missed you, Turtle!

While Buby spent the day in Manhattan working with Daddy...

Little Bear was stung by something.

So naturally, big sister rubbed mud on her legs as a show of solidarity. 

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