07 August 2013

Cape May, NJ (part I)

Earlier in the summer we took our annual trip down to the Jersey Shore. It was our fourth year spending a week on the beach in historic Cape May. Seven days never seems enough. This place has become such an easy and familiar destination for us.

Usually by late spring it seems the littles are already whispering about fudge samples, horse rides, giraffes, and all-you-can-eat pancakes. Here are a few (ok, a lot!) of my iPhone shots from the trip. I'll see what's on the Canon and post that separately.


Coffee Thyme.


Lunch dates.

Congress Hall.


Pig ties.


Roses everywhere.



Smoothies and sandwiches.

Zoned out at the zoo.

Repainted this year.

Sand-rubbed skin.

Swimming without us for the first time.

My five year old handstand-er. 


Mexican, please.


It stormed during our horse and buggy ride. 





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