13 August 2013

Bits + Pieces

Giving her "Bearama" a ride.

More of our favorite water bottles for back to school.

Good morning! Love finding hearts in my cereal.

Late afternoon snooze on Sunday.

He just curled up to the fluffy rug and fell asleep.

Family bike ride after dinner.

Not without incident: Bleu (nearly) wiped out on a steep hill. Daddy caught her.

Rainy morning indulgence: Hot dark chocolate in my lucky mug!

Suddenly Bleu likes to layer. She's wearing TWO dresses and my scarf here.

My Sweets thinks we're camping in this one-man motorcycle tent.

Rainy day movie rental: Smurfs.   

French toast feast. Bleu's idea.

We used Ina's recipe. It might be the most UNhealthy dinner I've ever served.

She's not smiling; she's talking without moving her lips. Our new special talent.

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