20 August 2013

Bits + Pieces

Showing "Lucky" the baby swings.

Heirloom tomato salad in progress.

Recipes for a dinner party. / My Sweets loves this magazine.

Two parks.

Such beauty around us!

Walking a stone wall.

Waiting is hard. / Sunday lunch: Make-your-own steak tacos!
Family movie: An Italian interpretation of Pinocchio. 
Buby and I read subtitles; Ollie and Bleu watched as if they understood every word.

Bleu's (horse) riding boots next to my (motorcycle) riding boots.

A celebratory dinner with Mike and Jackie. / Scrumptious tomato-avocado toast.
Prepping the corn to soak for two hours. 

Twinkle lights, fire pit, fish pond, five courses, good company, specialty drinks :-)

Hanging out at the river. 

Candle vase.

Tomatoes from our friend's farmstand.

Make-your-own pizza night.

New sneakers for Buby. He's size 5.5 now!

Special treat: Movie and popcorn for the littles upstairs while we entertain adults downstairs.

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wendieland said...

those purple flowers are fabulous