30 April 2013

Bleu's Birthday // Horse Riding

Waiting so patiently to ride.

What a gorgeous day!

The boys arriving.

Greeting the horses.

Bleu rides a pretty pony named Joy. She's 20 something.

I asked her to choose a mate for the first ride, and she chose Syd. Syd rode Bob.

The arena was quite large with a good mix of natural light and shade. We had it all to ourselves.

Bleu says this was the Best. Day. Ever.

The guides taught the girls some cool tricks.

Again, super patient. Each set of girls rode for a veeeeery long time.

Bleu paid attention to every detail. She didn't want to miss anything.



E's turn.

She's serious and fierce on the outside but smiling on the inside :-)

Standing by.

No hands!

Proud papa. 

Taking it all in.

It never occurred to me to interrupt her deep thought to say "Hi Bleu! Woohoo! Look here! Smile!"


A's turn.


Like a pro.

Million dollar shot. 

Nice horse tattoo!

I wish I knew what these four talked about. They laughed a lot :-)

Afterwards the kids brushed and fed the ponies.

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