29 April 2013

Bleu's Birthday // Invites

My little girl turned five this past weekend. Five. Years. Old. As for celebrating, we always let the kids choose how to spend their birthdays. Bleu has never been much of a party gal. Something about guests arriving in her honor, handing her stuff, singing to her... it's just not her cup. Rarely is she comfortable at other kids' parties. 

So imagine my surprise when (way back) she expressed a desire to have her birthday at the same horse-racing museum where Buby celebrated his 5th. (It's a pretty sweet location to host an event!) We said sure. But as time passed I could tell the idea of a real party was weighing on her. Though we hadn't made any arrangements yet, Bleu had already started fielding when/where requests from random classmates who knew her birthday was next on the list and assumed they'd be invited. The pressure!! She didn't want it.

One day she came home from school and asked, "Mama, do you think maybe I can go horse riding instead?" I laughed and said of course. Then she added, "I'm a little shy, you know." She jumped for the sky and right away trotted over to her desk to draft the invites. "Ella can you come?" "Ava can you come?" "Sydney can you come?" She was adamant that ONLY three friends join her for her birthday. Later we would figure out the when/where, but at least the invites were complete :-)

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