01 May 2013

Bleu's Birthday // Party Details

Winner's ribbons I quick-crafted during Ollie's nap on Friday.

Trail mix for each of our guests.

Flowers from Grandpa J delivered to our doorstep; a stamping station for the riders in waiting

A simple stack of horse-themed coloring pages printed online; four squiggle horses for the favor bags.

Figuring out how to fan construction paper; a big no. 5 for Bleu's birthday tree.

Jazzing up mason jars with graphic paper and ribbon.

Four bags for four riders.

Dressing up our recycled frappuccino glasses to suit the theme.

Balloon are not a good idea around horses, so I tucked them into favor bags for later.

We had some old plastic horses laying around...
So I painted them with some old chalkboard paint we had laying around. Instant place cards.
I've been buying these blank sketch pads from the dollar store for years. 
The paper is bright white, and of course Bleu loves the wild horses on the cover. 

Post ride the girls hung out in the viewing room with a splash of raspberry lemonade.

Easy party food: Fresh fruit, veggies, pb+j platter. 

The horse farm is gorgeous.
The kids were thrilled to run around after.
The kiddos watching to see if Ollie will try to jump in the pond.
He did not. However, he did pick up a handful of goose poop.

Our village baker made these yummy cupcakes for Miss Bleu.

I asked her if we could sing a little song and for the first year she said YES!

Alas, the gentle breeze cooperated.

Hi Leo!

After two hours we said goodbye to the horses and closed up.
It was a super fun (and easy) fifth birthday for my girl.
Featuring four best friends with five (soon to be six) brothers between them.

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