07 December 2011

Sneak a Peak: Native American Homes Project

Each student in Buby's class was assigned a different style Native American home {wigwam, longhouse, teepee, grass hut, chickee, adobe, igloo, wattle + daub}. The task was to construct their own version using a variety of materials--sticks, leaves, grass, etc.--and turn it in by Monday, December 5. Buby's teacher just shared a few pics.

Aren't they cool?
I'll post a more detailed look at Buby's longhouse later. His fave parts of this project were the nature hikes he took with Daddy to collect bark, sticks and moss; and researching 10-20 facts for the written assignment. His least favorite parts were me chasing after a fussy Ollie while he built it {he would have loved my undivided attention}; and the oral presentation of his written paper to the rest of the class.

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Grandma DJ said...

Very cool!! Love you forever