05 December 2011

Get Ready for Fireworks!!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is driving to a Festival of Lights along the Hudson River. It's always the first Friday in December and without fail the the coldest, windiest night of the year! But, seriously, if you are a fan of lighting up the night sky, this grand finale will bring you to tears! It's better than any July 4 display I've seen.

Every year we park and stand in the same spot along the water, directly under the fire. It feels like a big treat, like a secret that hasn't spread yet. I often wonder, "Where is everybody?" This year we met up with friends from the city {and their parents who just arrived from Florida and thought this was bitter C-O-L-D and awesome}. At one point Daymien's friend Stefan shouted, "This is crazy! What are we celebrating?" The answer: everything.

Here's a look at my Friday Night Lights post from last year. I don't do anything fancy with the camera, obviously. I simply turn off the flash and shoot in P/Daylight setting to open the shutter and let in as much light as possible. The results are kind of cool. Have you ever photographed fireworks? I'd love to see.

Before the show started. Isn't it funny the baby was standing and the big kids were sitting?

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Grandma DJ said...

Really awesome!! Love that the two big ones are in the strollers while the babe stands tall!! Too cute!! Love you forever