07 December 2011

Happy Day, Brother!

Today my little brother turns the big 3-0. I went onto his Facebook page to steal a photo, and this was the only one of him with his sidekick Duncan, a choc lab who also goes by Dunkie, Chunky Monkey and Chunker. Of course, there were approx. 4 million shots of him and his girl Liz. That's because he's in luuuuuuv. Billy + Liz sitting in a tree....

Other tidbits about my younger brother: He's got the prettiest blue eyes. He's sweet and thoughtful. He loves animals. He's awesome {and rambunctious} with my kiddos. He is a bottomless pit. He will cook and likes to entertain. He played college ball and stands by the Bills through every loss. He has a beautiful Harley that collects dust.

He's had the same three best friends since elementary school.
He's tall. Very tall. He's usually super chill. He's loyal. He makes up his mind about something and rarely waivers. He will argue a point passionately. He hugs and says 'I love you'. He is careful about what he shares with his big sister. I get more details from my mom.

He will drink wine now {thanks in part to Liz}. He still soaks his food in hot sauce though. He's handy in the home-repair dept.
He has enviable people skills. He's a movie buff. He's a guy's guy who isn't afraid to wear yellow, pink and purple. He's one of Buby and Bleu's very favorites. He's an excellent Foosball competitor, second only to moi. Ha!

He writes the most sappy greeting cards {I've saved many over the years}. He makes me laugh. He calls me "Jeneeeeeee." He refers to our mother as "Mama" on occasion. He's totally the baby in the family.
Totally. But we love him for it. Happy birthday, B!

p.s. If Billy is the big 3-0 today, that means in two weeks I turn the big 3-5. Eeks!

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Grandma DJ said...

Happy Birthday Bill!! You are definitely loved by all!! Especially the kids!!