01 November 2011

October Storm

By now
you've heard about the crazy storm that hit right where we live this weekend. The perfect ending to a bizarre week. Saturday morning My Sweets and I moved our remaining outdoor furniture into the garage attic in preparation. He trimmed trees and mowed lawn.

Around noon an
extremely heavy, wet snow started to pour down from the sky. I was out shopping for costume undergarments to be worn in our village's annual children's parade later in the day {you know me, last minute} and came out to a blanket of white as far as the eye could see. It was incredible! The flakes were huge and film-worthy and continued without interruption for the next 10 hours.

I arrived home to find My Sweets stirring up the tastiest pot of three-meat chili I've ever had. The rest of the afternoon consisted of shoveling, crafting, homework assisting, milk warming, dance partying, and Ghiradelli over Nutter Butter ghosts. My mom {in town for just two days} was busy teaching Ollie
"sooo big!" and getting giggles out of Buby and Bleu.

Saturday evening My Sweets and I tucked the kids into their beds about a half hour earlier than normal and handed Bear over to my mom just as our good friends Sara and
Daymien arrived for a quiet night on the town. The four of us walked down the middle of our moonlit, snow-covered street catching quarter-size snowflakes on our tongues. Sara commented on how "romantical" it all was, and I couldn't help but agree. It seemed an unreal scenario for October 29.

Every restaurant in town was closed due to the storm, except for the one I currently think is
the best one, and that's where we went. I spoke with the chef/owner in advance and promised we would be there. She agreed to stay open just for us, her only reservation on a normally bustling Saturday night. We ordered a cheese platter, duck, fettuccine, hanger steak, wine and sweet French martinis. Good times.

A half hour in my mom
texted a photo of my exhausted but happy baby and told me not to worry... and have fun. {p.s. I love her for that!} After dinner we walked to the bar across the street to introduce Sara and Daymien to an organic farmer slash bartender who is making quite the name for himself lately. We each ordered something and then the lights went out. Literally, the room went black.

I texted my mom. The house was dark, too. Luckily all three babes were fast asleep and none the wiser. We booked it home and buried ourselves in blankets. Our power and heat were restored about 13 hours later, but trees were down everywhere and lots of people are still without heat, electricity and running water. We spent Sunday relaxing, getting my mom back on the road to home and playing in the snow. Many schools were canceled or delayed on Monday.

Since part of our village is still in the dark, the mayor made the decision THE DAY OF HALLOWEEN to postpone Halloween. I heard a notice went out to the public elementary school, and children were crying in the halls. Can you imagine? After an early pickup from school, gymnastics, and an endocrinologist follow-up for Bear, we drove home and boiled pasta for some friends without any heat. Then we all costumed up and piled out the front door. It was true.... no Halloween in sight. So we hopped in our cars and drove four minutes out of the village to another neighborhood. We did our business there.

Honestly, I don't usually fancy Halloween. I sort of detest the ritual of trick-or-treating... the candy, the knocking on strangers' doors. But doing it AFTER the fact is even less appealing. And in retrospect there was something so satisfying about watching Buby, Bleu and Grace run from door to door last night. Aside from a few other friends we saw at the very start we were the only little group running about. There were a bazillion stars in the sky, a perfect crescent moon, and the crispest wintry air. On the car ride home Buby said this was the "best Halloween e-v-e-r!" Bleu pretty much concurred.
I had to laugh.

My Sweets got home from work about 5 minutes before we pulled up, and the kiddos quick modeled their costumes. Buby and Bleu gladly traded in their treat bags for my annual Halloween baskets of awesomeness, and then Bear took his first steps. Unassisted.

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Grandma DJ said...

Crazy isn't it!! Love the pics .. The bear doesn't loke snow? Love you forever