27 October 2011

The Year of Ollie

It's true. My baby Bear turned one on Tuesday.

It amazes me the whole journey from birth to a year. The endless stream of emotions. The big and small changes to a family and a home. All the laughter. Tears of joy. Sleepless days and nights.
Most people beg to know where the time went... how it passed so quickly. And usually I agree that life with little ones zooms by in a blink.

But I look back at snapshots of my third baby's first year and cannot believe he has
only been with us for 12 short months. Hasn't it been so much longer? My heart says I've known and loved this sweet little boy forever. I cannot remember a day when he did not smile at me with those milky chocolate eyes, nurse at my breast, reach up for My Sweets, hug on Bleu, or totally egg on his big brother's silly side.

Oliver came into the world on a Monday and immediately made himself at home. He fit so seamlessly into our lives, and for that I will always be grateful. Happy Day to our babe! Enjoy the flashback.

As a newby Bear could sleep anywhere, anytime. Oh how I wish it was still true.

The day Bear was born I couldn't stop staring at him. I couldn't believe how lucky we were.

He bares a strong resemblance to My Sweets. The chin dimple is an instant giveaway.

Bear always liked to UNswaddle his arms and stretch them over his head.

Ahh. I miss these days.

I'm pretty sure that assisting with baby baths was Buby and Bleu's favorite thing to do.

Bear was readmitted to the hospital with a fever when he was just three weeks old.

It totally stunk, but I held my Bear tight all day and night. He officially became my hero that weekend.

Relaxing at Grandpa J's while the big kids play outside on the farm.

Buby was so gentle and affectionate with Bear right from the start.

This might be my favorite mug shot of all time. Those lips!!

Tired boys.

Loved these snowman pajamas. They will make it into the saver bin.

He crosses his feet all the time, and I'm happy to have evidence of it.

He used the swing once or twice before he decided he didn't like it.

Neck-strengthening exercises.

Like I said, he could sleep anywhere.

The smile.


He loved tummy time and looking around.

Always drooling.

Looks a bit like my nephew Parker here.

Big gummy smiles.

The Boppies in this house are very well loved.

Classic Bear face!

Glad I borrowed this instead of buying, because he outgrew it almost immediately.

Oh the drool!

The zoo!

The lovies.

Captions to be continued tomorrow. I'm exhausted.

The end.

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Grandma DJ said...

he is so beautiful .. Such a sweet blessing .. Love you forever