08 August 2008

A Place To Be

Buby calls it "zoo mountain," because we drive to the mountain and see the bears. He asks to go almost every week and we accommodate when possible. I've posted photos before here and here. The walk along the lake is just so relaxing and exquisite. Sure it's a huge park with A LOT of visitors at any given time, but I always feel like we're the only ones there. It's beyond nice. Usually Buby {and whomever we bring} fish on the shore while I nurse Bleu for a few minutes. Sometimes we picnic. And maybe the playground or carousel after the zoo. We went this Monday.


Anonymous said...

What a great post, but even better memory!

With love,

The MacKeigans said...

wow, that's cool that you can see the bears!!!

Lilypad Mom said...

The photo of Buby and Bleu on the ground is one of the sweetest ones I have ever seen. That one definitely has to be framed.

Mommy said...

That is my favorite sibling photo, too.