29 November 2007

Trimming the Tree

Buby's potted tree. I know you know all about it. The year-round fixture graces our great room and changes every couple of months. Buby picks out or crafts most of the occasion ornaments himself, and Grammy DJ contributes a few handmade touches whenever there's a new theme. We never use hooks or things that are precious {in the breakable sense---uber precious in the fabulously cute sense}. This year's Christmas tree is not yet complete. Buby and I bought 3 wooden gingerbread men and 1 raw tree ornament from Michael's. He'll customize them with paint or glitter and then hang. My favorite part is an Anthropologie cupcake ornament at the tippy top {cut from photo}.

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Blue House Mom said...

Love your tree. You've inspired me. I bought one for Grace at a Christmas Tree Shop and I've been wondering what kind of ornaments we'll use. Thanks for the idea of a year-round tree!