29 November 2007

Wall of Buby

It's not my style to fill every room in a house with photos and frames. I'm more of a minimalist when it comes to personal effects. But early this year Buby's Daddy and I created a wall of fame for the many unforgettable faces of Buby. It brings us instant happiness whenever we pass by. Every morning while walking down with Buby, I shout out a random question. Like "Where's Daddy?" "Where's Grandpa's tractor? "Who's that guy?" Buby LOVES this. He jumps up and points to a picture, like I'm the silliest person alive. Can't wait to be there when Bebe recognizes herself for the first time.


Blue House Mom said...

I love this wall. It captures my attention every single time I'm in your house. It's beautiful. Do you take any photos out and switch for new ones? Or just keep adding frames? Where will Bebe's pictures go?

Lily Pad Mom said...

I absolutely love your wall. Everytime I see yours I try to think of where I could do something like that in our house. You have the perfect place for it up those stairs.