28 November 2007

Buby's Obsessions, II

The other thing he MUST fool with, even before breakfast. The GeoTrax train set Uncle Mike & Aunt Mel gave him for his 2nd birthday. This is the third train set Buby has received and our fave by far. It's the one we'll build onto. It's durable. Buby can put it together and take it apart himself without damaging the pieces. There are so many options for directing the trains. And unlike a lot of sets, it doesn't need a flat table. We place it right on the playroom carpet and it stays put. Buby's favorite accessory is the remote!

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Blue House Mom said...

Ha...the remote! Too funny! We've decided to begin a Thomas Train collection (the wooden ones) and I can already see how much fun it will be. I like Buby's set b/c it's not too common. Or at least it's not too common in my circle of friends. Way to go, Buby!