26 May 2014

Bits + Pieces

I love where I live.

Thousands of pink blossoms arrive at my doorstep every Spring.

And then, like overnight, they are gone.

Bleu's bubble bath beard.

Strawberry oat muffins for breakfast.

Oh yeah! Skipping rocks.

Smoothies 101 with Ollie. 

Teepee building after a three-mile hike with Cub Scouts.

Nothing better.

Five years ago these were on Buby's feet:)


Definitely NOT afraid of heights.

Our buddy down at the river. 

Homemade whipping cream.

Driveway art via rubber tires.

Bleu is super into jewelry lately.

Buby celebrates his First Holy Communion.

I may have cried.

Bleu experimenting with magnets at school.

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