12 May 2014

Mother's Day 2014 // The Hike

A fave hike with kids in the Shawangunk Mountains.


A wee bit nervous about cliffs.

But LOOK at this view!

Don't worry! Nobody went down here but me. 

Thank you to Grandma DJ for sharing her pics with me.

My awesome six year old.

What My Sweets calls a "widow maker."

I'm slightly obsessed with moss.

Sadly, our fave bridge was blocked off with caution tape.


Ollie finds me a heart rock.

Quick stop for water and cashews.

The result of woodpeckers.

In search of snakes.

We've had the same hiking boots since high school.

Wear and tear.

So glad Grandma DJ was here to hike with us.

For the love of worms.

Relaxing at the finish.

I turn around and Bleu is cartwheeling.

And handstand-ing.

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