02 April 2014

Bits + Pieces

Double-date night at a really cool warehouse with amazing food.

Third in from the left.

One of my favorite buildings. 

No school = berry pancakes for everyone!

Showing off our mother-daughter manis/pedis.

Little Bear's cutting basket. He practices daily. 

Canvas zipper totes at Michael's for $2.

Just a SMALL sampling of Buby's MOST beloved stuffed animals.

The fine art of snowbank walking.This one has perfected it.

A field trip to the philharmonic with Buby's class.

Goo is a legit science experiment, right?

The hand-carved hiking stick we found for Buby in Vermont.

Enjoying this double chocolate banana bread recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Arguably the best fried chicken and ribs outside the city.

 He's lost 8 teeth so far, and each time the T.F. has left a red apple and a golden dollar.
I guess he wants to switch things up?!?

My mom's key lime pie. Hmmmmmm.

A date with Buby and Bleu to see "Alice in Wonderland" the ballet.

Passion fruit taste test, at Buby's insistence.

The boys spend a day at Madava Farms, home of Crown Maple organic syrup.

Let the good times ROLL on a Friday afternoon. 

Scoreboard faces: Determination, wonder, joy.
The eight year old collects resort maps. Of course!

First thing she notices about bowling shoes...

He slept the whole night in his makeshift fort.

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