10 March 2014

Spanish-Language Supplement

I want to take a moment and share this Easy Spanish Words book, in case any of you have little ones enrolled in a foreign language. Both Buby (age 8) and Bleu (almost 6) have been taking Spanish since preschool. It's just always been a part of their curriculum, much like art and music. Around the holidays I ordered this sticker book from Scholastic because it's engaging, full of sweet illustrations, and provides opportunities for Bleu to check her own work -- which she loves.

I had no idea what a HIT it would be with both kids. They go to it (without suggestion) almost daily, and what's even better is they use it together to quiz each other on vocab categories such as people, places, food, vacation, attire. Since they can read the English captions and cross-reference without any help, it's an excellent supplement to their Spanish studies. The other day Bleu asked me to find out if there's a French version. (She adores when I use French words in conversation!)

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