10 March 2014

Bits + Pieces

Wild rides at Greta's birthday party Saturday.

  "Don't let the camel drive the buuuus!"

Making almond-maple granola with the kids while Buby is at Academics Club.

Sunday morning smoothies are the best :)

Five more chapters of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz complete.
My audience is captive, and we're all loving the Robert Ingpen illustrations.

After padding the floor with pillows and attempting a back bend.

Playing dolls with my littlest. He calls this one "Mort Guy."

Buby and his pal Phoenix making the most of their time together.

The fine art of snowbank walking.

Bananas (sliced + frozen), unsweetened dark cocoa powder, 
organic coconut-almond butter, and milk.

Bleu looks forward to Art Club every Wednesday.

While I showered they pulled every stuffed animal, pillow, silk, yoga mat, 
and blanket from their bedrooms to the playroom for massive fort construction.

Bowling with Cub Scouts on a Thursday night.

The siblings had a fantastic time!

Bleu's bestie standing by with her second ball.

Favorite past time this week? Watching the Buried Treasure Candle burn.

New snow boots arrived, just in time for Spring.

Yoga, ya'll.

Another physics experiment for Buby.

Feeling so grown up swiping their own pre-paid cards.

The Royal Book of Ballet is an amazing find.
Bleu will be in a real production of The Sleeping Beauty this June.

Sometimes we're late for school because the kids are vacation planning. 

Slightly obsessed with Dubliner cheese at the moment.

Studying beetles! Lucky me.

Irish soda bread shenanigans!

For an old friend's new baby. 

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