20 February 2014

Weekend in New York

My Sweets and I saw an opportunity to go on an extended date night last weekend, so we took it. Grandma DJ was scheduled to visit -- originally so that I could chaperon Bleu's class trip on Friday -- and we asked if she might stay on and watch all three kids from Saturday to Monday. She was happy to do it. We quick looked into skiing at Stowe, VT or Whiteface, Lake Placid, but all the decent accommodations were booked solid for Valentine's/President's Day Weekend.

So I suggested maybe we sneak off to a hotel in the city for two nights. One with a deep-soaking tub? Of course he works in Manhattan every single day, so I have to give him credit for even entertaining the thought. Tom's idea of a weekend away with me is landing on a mountain in British Columbia or a beach in Bermuda... not taking his regular commuter train to Grand Central. But it's sooo close (I like the idea of being just an hour away from les petite enfants), and I do miss city life. So after Bleu's ballet class on Saturday morning Tom and I headed in -- mid snow storm.

I must have rushed passed by this NY Transit Museum a million times and never ducked my head in. Finally I did... and guess what? It's kind of magical. The shop at GCS sells mostly subway-themed gifts, but smack in the middle is the most amazing model city and mini train set. The lights overhead are mesmerizing. I can't wait for Buby to see it when he goes to work with Daddy again on Friday.

Dominique Ansel Bakery. Birthplace of the Cronut.

We grabbed a quick Shake Shack treat and cabbed it downtown to drop off our bags and get dressed for dinner. We booked a King Deluxe at Trump Soho. They offered that deep-soaking tub for me and down pillows for him. The location was perfect for us. Last overnight in the city Tom and I stayed at The Yale Club and before that at Gramercy Park Hotel. I used to produce photo shoots in Soho every week, so the neighborhood is very familiar to me but not quite as been-there-done-all-of-it as Broadway Midtown where I worked for six years. 

(If you're interested, the other hotels we considered were Andaz Wall Street, The James, The Standard, Hotel Ganesvoort, Crosby Street Hotel, Soho Grand, Cooper Square, Tribeca Grand, Dream Downtown, and Thompson Hotel.) Trump Soho came through with larger rooms and extra amenities though. Plus: They accept rewards points. 


For those of you who don't know, Soho stands for South of Houston St. It's off the grid, so all the roads are names instead of numbers. I have a horrible sense of direction (ask anyone!), therefore I've always found the neighborhood a bit unnerving to navigate alone. Tom worked downtown for about a decade though, so he mostly knows what's up... and down.

After checking into our lovely room and freshening up a bit we jumped into another cab for 6pm reservations at Vietnamese restaurant Le Colonial on 57th and Lex. It's been a favorite (secret) spot of ours for 14 years now. I always order the Bo Saté cooked to perfection!

The ring my mother in law found for me in Ireland.

Dinner was fantastic, as expected. Then we ran through snow and slush toward the NYC Ballet. It was FUN running on foot until we reached Central Park South just past The Plaza Hotel. Nobody shoveled or de-iced, so my high heals became a real hazard. We hailed another cab and arrived just in time for our 8pm tickets to Coppelia. Can I just say... WOW! Lincoln Center takes my breath away. Walking up the long flat steps toward the fountain never gets old. It just feels extravagant.

I was so looking forward to seeing this enormous art installation from French photographer JR. 
You can only experience it until March 2, so hurry!

The theater is gorgeous. I like Coppelia, because it's a vintage ballet set in a European village. 
The storyline is pretty happy, and there's even a wedding at the end.

I want to do this again. Soon.

Tom served me a Nespresso espresso in bed and then I took a hot bath.

We walked to breakfast at the Kitchenette, a place I discovered recently with my friend Nicole. 
They asked if we had reservations, and we were like "Um... NO!"

Coffee milkshake for me and a pear Bellini-ish something for him. 

Cutest building ever.

These scuffed up boots practically begged me to adopt them.

Urban Outfitters gets the award for best dressing room floors.

Then over to Anthropologie for a new lucky mug.   
And an illustrated book for the kids. And sparkly earrings.

We walked to Chinatown for a bowl of warm soup that Tom swears is the best anywhere.
The whole restaurant fits only a handful of people. We squeezed in at a table of strangers.

Uptown for the graffiti exhibit I couldn't wait to see. That's a separate post.

We ran into a multimedia exhibit on Sandy. Of course it made me cry.

Painted map of Brooklyn Heights. If I lived there, I'd want to own this.

Then back downtown for reservations at Hudson Clearwater. Amazing evening!
Tom is the best date. I think I'll keep him :)

WAIT! Joe Shanghai seats until 10:45pm and we haven't had our soup dumplings yet.
We speed-walked halfway and then jumped in a cab to make it there before closing.

Good morning, Soho! We grabbed bagel sandwiches and walked around.
Tom picked up two pair of jeans at his favorite shop: Lucky Brand.

And by the afternoon we were back on the platform headed home.

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