11 December 2013

Bits + Pieces

Layover in Paris = Ladurée macarons. Merci beaucoup!

Advent Day #8 revealed the first of 10 clues in a whole-house treasure hunt.

A fever-y morning back in November. 

Christmas shopping.

Our lovable elf Luca.

The kiddos worked on custom illustrations for my master bdrm makeover. 

Signed, sealed, delivered. Tiny Prints, I love you.

Mr. Montessori getting ready for next Fall.

A family who paints together...

Snapshot of a page out of a library book. // Buby's amAzing marble run creation.

Santa came to Village Hall and totally guessed Bleu's Christmas wish.

Three angels from our church's Giving Tree.

Carrots for chocolate: A St. Nicholas Day tradition. // Year-round porch lights.

Late-autumn bouquet, thanks to My Sweets!
Mmmmmm, don't mind if I do.

What Bleu stuffed inside our "Letters to Santa" ornament. // Luca mugging on the gnomes. 

Crazy warm days are always welcome.

Glittery gold Happy Holidays garland.

Thanksgiving Day menu. // Grandpa J AND Grandma DJ came to town to help us eat it all.

December mornings.

A stringy burlap wreath Buby made at school last year.  

DJ's grand baby, and the youngest of six grandchildren on both sides.

The hunt.


Love times a billion for this one.

Buby and his pal Phoenix bring the outdoors in.

School project: Navajo earthen house.

Sleeping with his light on, AGAIN.

Oh my! It's been a while since I've decorated this little corner of mine. If it weren't for my mom reminding me to post...  Happy December! We're all doing well. In fact, I'm ahead of schedule this month and feeling just the right amount of busy and relaxed. I do love December. Above are my iPhone shots from the last couple of weeks. Now if, God willing, we can all JUST! STAY! HEALTHY!

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but late October was kind of insane when Buby brought home a particularly stubborn strain of bacterial conjunctivitis. He went on meds right away and got better, but not before it passed to Ollie. He went on meds right away and got better, but not before it passed to me, who took one dose of Ollie's eye drops at the first sign and suffered a severe allergic reaction that resulted in Urgent Care and 10 days of steroids.

A week later Buby brought into the house a little viral something that had already wiped out half his class. For him it meant a feverish two days that (unfortunately) spiked during a family photo session one Saturday. I took his temperature -- because he suddenly looked awful -- and it was 103! Buby recovered quickly, but soon after I developed a horrible cough that lingered despite all of my best defenses and remedies. So we cancelled engagements and laid low for much of November. Though I almost met Tom in Paris on his way back from a business trip to Jordan. Almost.

On a happy note, I haven't had a full-blown migraine in seven weeks. My neurologist rocks! Grandmas and Grandpas came to town. We ate pie and trimmed a tree. Hung more twinkle lights. Shared Prosecco with friends. We've been baking and crafting more than usual, and I took the kids shopping for five other children we've "adopted" this holiday. Buby and Bleu are old enough now to really take part in the tradition of giving to those less fortunate, and it truly warms my heart. 

I've made lists and checked them twice. Christmas tunes echo through our halls, advent bags hang, holiday books are unwrapped every morning by screechy-happy little people, and we dance nightly by a roaring fire. It's been a good month so far. Now we eagerly await breakfast with friends tomorrow, the first big snow, a trip to The Nutcracker ballet on Saturday, a twinkle light tour at the botanical garden, our Ornament Project 2013, an annual Gallery Night at school next Friday, my birthday on the 21st, our festivities at home on the 22nd, and a big trip to see family Upstate.

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