08 November 2013

Bits + Pieces

We are playing insane amounts of Scrabble lately.

Buby doing a classic Bleu move. 

Box Tops coordinator duties. 

Ollie builds masterpieces and immediately knocks them down!

Prediction: It's going to be a train kind of day. 

Ollie makes me build things I can't build. // Bleu and I experimenting with rollers.
Quality time with Grandma. So excited for her return next Friday!!

My afternoon smoothie. // Buby down and out with an eye infection beginning on 10/19.

Our bedridden bandit!

Buby and Bleu collect quarters for their bank accounts.
Old besties (captured by the school photographer).

Ollie cruising on his new Schwinn from Grandpa.
(A reward for finally ditching the Pull-Ups!) 
Dump, sort by color, arrange in rows, repeat daily.

Six ginormous floor puzzles down, three to go. 

Chocolate pie and pink ice cream (as requested) for his 3rd birthday.

Our always-blooming roses and autumnal cherry trees.

Ceiling balloons courtesy of Buby's hair static. 

Seeing if she can read through a balloon.

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