01 October 2013

Bits + Pieces

Foggy Monday.

Hide-and-seek feet.

After-school batting cages with Jonas.

Gems. A gift from Bleu's friend Jacob to Ollie.

A morning walk with an old friend.

Grandma DJ's tie-dye project.

I heart shapes.

Post-ballet sand play with Ella.

Tennis in the village. 

The Federal Reserve has exquisite outdoor lighting.

Romy the homey. So happy I finally got to meet her.

The Kitchenette in Tribeca for fresh milkshakes.

Bleu's latch hook horse in progress. 

Two hours + four gift cards - one blueberry scone = priceless.  

I've always been the midtown girl, but coming in at WTC takes my breath away now.

Bleu's carefully placed horse on the porch. Creative play no doubt inspired by Pippi ;)
Wowed by her determination. // Two days unshowered.

Tom's homemade chili and guacamole on Sunday. 

Mornings with Ollie Bear start with hot coffee and lots of reading.

Bleu coaching her friend Ava over the top of the caterpillar.

Clever baseball party cupcakes by my friend Ann.

I'm a sucker for repetition.

One of our playroom art walls.

A pirate ship on the Hudson.

Buby's latch hook sailboat in progress.

FaceTime chaos on Golly's birthday.

Bacon for me. 

Creepy-beautiful cemetery.
Peachy fungus Ollie smushed his hands into.

Bedtime diaper, then pjs, then undies. He stayed like this all night.

Buby caught and released a small bass during the Cub Scout overnight. 

Bleu treasures her Movable Alphabet at the moment. 

We stopped by the boys' campsite to bring Syd and her mama back to our house.
It was like an all-girls (plus Ollie) sleepover without any sleeping over :-)

Poor Buby hanging on for dear life.

My eight year old eating a blueberry scone at a Starbucks inside a Barnes + Noble. 
Pretty much his version of heaven on earth.

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