19 September 2013

First Day 2013


So proud of these two. They returned to school last week, and there were barely any jitters. Just excitement. We're thankful for that. It's their third year at the same Montessori school, which means very little disruption in their learning cycles. Buby has had the same teacher the entire time, and he adores her. The class moved together to another floor -- and there are several new students -- but for the most part it's all familiar. He can just pick up with his studies (and his buddies!) where he left off in June. He comes home and quizzes me about hydrogen and chemical properties, and I feel like I'm on that game show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" Except it's third grade, and I'm NOT :)

Bleu has moseyed on over to the Kindergarten side of primary, but she's already comfortable in the classroom and even kept the same locker as last year. It's the little things in her daily routine that bring great comfort. So far Spanish and art are her favorite "subjects." Tracing, too. She gets a foreign language every day, and she's picking it up so fast now. Also Bleu is beginning to read the Bob books on her own, and I must say that I LOVE to watch her face light up when she realizes she can sound out each sentence. Learning to read is like being handed the golden key to a whole new world. This will be a magical year for her in that respect. Two of her friends (Sydney and Emma) have moved on to public school, but all the others have remained. I know she really misses Syd at lunch time, but the girls continue to see each other regularly and every Saturday at ballet. Plus: She still has Ella, Ava, Carla, Callie, etc. etc. etc. I'm confidant she'll survive socially. Ha! 

As far as after-school activities, Buby has Religious Education every Tuesday evening and Cub Scouts every other Wednesday. Both come with a fair amount of at-home work. Bleu was signed up for Monday night ballet with Sydney and Ella, but after the first class we all switched to Saturday mornings which is much more chill. I prefer chill. I am trying to keep our weekdays as UNscheduled as possible right now. Later on the kids will have their pick of after-school enrichments, including Academics Club, Cooking Studio, Voice + Drama, Art Studio, Spanish Club, or Instrumentals. Our school offers a wonderful variety. Or Bleu may just want those riding lessons instead.

3rd grade (upper elementary) and Kindergarten (primary).

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