18 September 2013

Bits + Pieces

Cocoa-bean eyes.

Overalls on toddlers. Autumn wins again!

Magical pathway to the house.

Lunchbox notes.

We closed the pool.

I'm pretty sure that Target hates us :) 

On the hunt for size 12 tap shoes. 

A congratulatory hug after Buby's mini mowing lesson.

The second time (in a week!) that his face swelled up after a bug bite :(

Bleu's trying her hand at braiding. I'm her practice model. 
Scooter ballet.

Last day of summer vacation is happy and sad all at once.

Chipping in the yard with Daddy. 

Bleu's mild obsession with Pippi. (p.s. I read aloud and skip over any inappropriateness.) 

Snack board.

Ollie maneuvering the Jeep that once belonged to Buby.

Ready to jump-start a brand new school year! 

Chilly morning walk.

Loving his lion backpack, handed down to him by another mom at our school. 

Migraine day. Playing cars with Bear while I lay on the floor... trying not to puke.
Love times three trillion.


Forming a PTO for our growing school.

Scouting out a location for his big brother's Pokémon hunt.

Seen at an antique shop. Reminded us of Pippi's horse on the porch. 
 "School age" suddenly looks so grown up.

Sneak peak-ACHU at Buby's birthday theme.

Constantly in AWE of how much laundry we do here.
My secret vice. (Ya know, for those late-night laundry folding parties.)
Put to sleep by chapter books.

More scooter ballet.

I cut his hair. Yep, I did.

"Muskrat Love" on Bleu's nightstand. Don't ask.

This girl remembers everything that anyone has ever done or said. Scaaaaary!
Loving the Dinosaur Cove book series, thanks to Grandma DJ.

Bright and early. Second day of school.

Gander Mountain loves this kid. 

 War is his favorite card game. Warning: It can go on for hours.

Ballerina doll from her Godmother Debbie.

Blowing wrapping paper down the driveway. Excellent use of time.

Celebrating a longtime friend turning 5.

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