16 July 2013

Day Off

Tom (sneakily) reached out to my friend Sara recently and told her I needed an afternoon off. A girls day to do whatever... without chubby little hands and hearts tugging me in every direction. Sara said, "I got this!!" She asked me what I felt like doing, the food I missed most, etc. Such a good sport. The two of us were roomies, twice upon a time, and my kiddos adore her. 

We devised a loose plan that involved retro rollerskating in Harlem; a Mexican food truck in Nolita; organic ice cream in Greenpoint; Manhattanhendge at precisely 8:24pm from either 34th or 42nd St.; live music and dance here or here (for old time's sake); my beloved Pomme Frites (open til 3:30am!).

The crazy thing is we didn't do ANY of it. Not a one. We just took the day as it came, and that included a cut/color for me in the morning; reading this book on the short train ride in; a bottle of Moscato d'Asti from Dandelion Wine; the Louis Armstrong channel on Pandora; playing dress-up in Sara's closet; Brooklyn dress shops; rainbow macarons; apricot champagne spritz and pizza from Lulu's; The Meatball Shop for dinner (YUM!); an evening stroll around Union Square Park; comic book fun; two hours of pool at Amsterdam Billiards; girl talk; breakfast at Urban Rustic; a stroll around McCarren Park; the best bowtie EVER (to bring home) from Peter Pan.

Funny thing: Sara set an alarm for 10am Sunday (which I was super excited about--since there's no such thing as "sleeping in" at our house), but alas my internal clock wouldn't let me rest a wink past 7am. Oh routine... you get me every time.

A church that would be cool to renovate into a house. 
Peter Pan, I love you.
Accidental ballerina in her skirt and my flats.
Oddly enough, I'd never had a macaron... until midnight on Saturday.
Loved every flavor except pistachio.
Winner of the narrow-ist garage contest.  
A sweet apartment building.
This guy's schtick (with doll heads) was one of the strangest!
Forget the clothes. I'll take the chair.  
It started sprinkling...
Free pizzas with our drinks? 
Old-school Land Cruiser calling my name! 
Beef meatballs with spicy sauce over mashed potatoes.
People watching people.  
No idea how bad we were. 
Until the second hour... 
Track at McCarren Park.
Going home to my babies now.
Good times. Thank you, Sara!

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