27 July 2013

Cape Cod, MA (part I)

We just returned from a mini trip to Cape Cod with some friends. Fantastic time! 
These photos are from Race Point Beach in Provincetown. 

Letting 60% of the air out of our tires to go sand-duning.

P.S.I., Baby.

Our first taste of beach plums.

Hi, friend. 

Waiting so patiently.

We went topless! The Jeep, that is.  


 Bleu goes boogie-boarding; Buby goes crabbing.


So much fun.

Private island :)

A lift out to the island.

Nice hair, Buby.

Crab race.

Not my fave part. 

Happy faces.

Hands off!



I do love hearts.


Seal beach.  


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