19 June 2013

Portland, ME

Portland was sunny, even at night!

Downtown waterfront.

The harbor. 

Lots of cranes.

And birds.
And bicycles.

The boys mapping out our day.

Stumbling across a piece of history.

A lobster roll for My Sweets.

The shop where Buby's big animal lives.

Bleu kind of fell in love with the big white star (upper right).

Parading around Old Port.

The 5-lb rock Bleu promised to carry. That lasted a few blocks.

I appreciate the backs of buildings (all worn and torn) as much as the fronts.

Kids learned fast not to run-run-run on cobblestone paths.

Secret doors.

Little man.

Chilling at the hotel while the big people shower.

Tug of war. The Hampton Inn Downtown where we stayed was surprisingly amazing! 

Endless hotel-room shenanigans.

We climbed 103 steps to the top of Portland Observatory.

Old graffiti is stunning.

Bottom of a gelato cone.

This place in Yarmouth was well worth the drive!
It's all about hotel swimming pools for these guys.

Bleu takes her summer "homework" booklet very seriously.

The list goes the whole length of the building. 

An awesome family dinner at Flatbread Company.

Ollie and I could've watched this guy cook all night.

Local organic salad here.

Addictive sausage pizza here.

I put my oldest in charge of navigating our walk from the Children's Museum back to the hotel. 
Bleu was so concerned we were lost. I kept telling her to trust him.

Arts District, where graffiti is commissioned. 

So we drove through NY, CT, NH, and MA to get to Portland, ME last weekend. It was a fun little excursion, minus the realization that our Ollie has an aversion to night driving. That part was rough, but I climbed into the back seat each time and held his hand until he (eventually!) fell asleep.

During our brief stay in Maine we ate big breakfasts, watched the ships come in, meandered along cobblestone streets, window shopped, climbed an octagonal observatory, explored the children's museum, hiked the woods, splashed on the beach, loved the lighthouse and rocky coast, enjoyed local organic fare and micro brew, swam in the (cold!) hotel pool, and jumped into a pile of down pillows at the end of the day. All photos from my iPhone, because I didn't feel like carrying a camera.

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