11 June 2013

International Day 2013

So proud of these kids. 

This is Buby's third year celebrating International Day and Bleu's second. It's a beautiful tradition centered around peace and diversity. The elementary students share their country projects, families prepare ethnic recipes for all to taste, and everybody sings.

I remember last year felt a little intense (for Buby and Bleu) because they weren't familiar with their outfits or comfortable standing in front of a crowd. In addition to singing several songs, Buby had to dance a traditional Indian choreography and play a piano solo. It all turned out wonderfully, but I do recall holding my breath the entire time. I was shy growing up, too, so I can definitely empathize with their performance anxiety. These opportunities to grow are so good for children.

This year's festivities were much more mellow. No dancing. No piano recital for Buby. And we had a few weeks at home to belt out those sweet songs in laughter, so the kiddos felt super prepared going in. Also, they chose to repeat their outfits so getting dressed was a total non issue.

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