07 June 2013

Bits + Pieces

Backyard tennis the night before leaving for VT.

Rock star wearing her hole-y pants backwards.  

Buby brings in fresh greens from his garden.

Not surprisingly obsessed with his Daddy's HD service manual. 

Original crossword puzzles written by Grandma DJ for our crossword-loving Buby.

Too busy devouring bbq wings with Sydney to see me.

First strawberry of the season.

Garden Patrol: Making his morning rounds.

We are harvesting a bowl a day now.

Daddy's other love.

Spring soccer season in full swing.  

I heart hikes.

Buby testing out his invention in a puddle.

Crazy boys jumping into a 65-degree pool.

Last day of gym class. Anyone see Ollie?

Skipping down to the bakery with her girls. (And yes, interesting hair!!)  

Bleu making homemade organic cookies for the PTO meeting.

A table from my first PTO meeting. I will get better at this.

Roses in bloom here in five colors.

Bleu's rainbow back to Sydney. 

The Rapunzel doll from Ava comes out to swing.

Six kids busting into one tiny bakery every Friday afternoon. It's L-O-U-D.

A purple and pink sunset for my girl.

A really fun afternoon of hiking with a bestie.

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