29 May 2013

VT: Bits + Pieces

Rolling green hills.

Special treats.

Red barns.


Everywhere! For whatever reason I didn't expect it.

The fragrance in the air!

Where My Sweets and I rode "Cherokee" and "Lady" through the mountains. 

I totally recommend this place to anyone wanting to ride horses in Southern VT.

Hot breakfast courtesy of Diane and Yoshio at The Inn at Ormsby Hill.

New favorite: Northshire Bookstore. I could easily waste a few days in there.

Hello 55 mph!
Just when I was missing my babies most I spied three metal hearts in the wild.
Passing by the Robert Frost Stone House Museum in Shaftsbury.

It wasn't open, so I explored the grounds.

Waiting patiently while I trespass a bit longer.    

My view while Rihanna's Stay blares through my headphones.

Cheery moose outside the visitor's bureau in Bennington. You know I like me some free maps.

Pit stop for a clam roll and fries. I was happy to enjoy every last bite in the rain.
While Tom ran next door for champagne (for later), an older couple in an Audi pulled up next to me:
"Best food is the food you can eat standing up!" they offered. I have to agree.

Driving range. Basically I stink and he's awesome. But it's always a fun 30 minutes.

The original Vermont Country Store in Weston is quite the site.

We sampled fudge, chocolate, coffee, crackers...

Syrups, cheeses, dips, cookies. It was ridiculous.  
Casserole breakfast as the inn.

Why not?

So glad we opted last-minute to trailer the motorcycle through the storms.

Everyone we spoke to in VT had a bear story to tell. Everyone.

Pull quote on a Pullman train car exhibit at Hildene. 

One Dollar Fine.

My love affair with covered bridges lives on.

Beautiful design.

I heard a rumor about 3 "kissing bridges" and My Sweets found them for me.

Stretching the legs.


Ski resort near Killington.

 Pulled pork and pumpkin gnocchi at The Silver Fork. Yum!

Ye Olde Tavern gave us tootsie pops with our bill. Yes, please. 

This caption might read: "Really, Jenny? 
Our first trip AWAY from the kids, and you leave me in a children's book section?"

I couldn't stop starring at the steamy mountains.

Tom's horse for our 90-minute private trail ride.

I like to conduct very thorough toffee-butter-crunch research.
My results are conclusive: The Chocolate Barn has the best recipe in the world!
The Silver Fork has only 6 tables in the restaurant.  
We reserved ours weeks in advance. Totally worth it!

I see hearts everywhere.

We almost bought pie here on our way back to NY. Ha!

I see Thai food, too. Couldn't pass it up.   
Another moose. Another talented local artist.

Our guide Robyn passing by some horses in a field.

Until next time... 

Seriously... if you ever get me anything ever again.

Excellent food. Cozy atmosphere.

Sexy bike and perfect unplanned picnic stop.

Great little shop inside. Owner is extremely helpful.

Checking in.

Don't listen to anyone. 
Best pancakes you'll EVER eat are at Up for Breakfast in Manchester.

The way to my heart. 
Pretty roof.

Walking shoes.

A few times we trotted really fast. I wasn't quite ready for that.
I loved being on "Lady" but the old runner's knees were killing me. Darn knees!
About halfway through I looked back at Tom who exclaimed, "My heart is smiling right now." 
That made it all worth it.

A bridge that isn't wooden. Imagine that.

This maple cinnamon butter on Yoshio's warm Japanese milk bread totally made the mornings!  

I have a weakness for marble. These sidewalks were dreamy. 

Walking shoes. 

Date nights are usually about food and conversation for us, so we rarely hit the theater anymore.
On this trip we did dinner AND a movie two out of three nights. Such a treat!

He swears this Avocado Benedict is to die for:
English muffin topped with Applewood smoked bacon, tomato, 
avocado, poached egg, Hollandaise sauce and dill.

Somebody found my favorite two champagnes: Veuve Clicquot and Moët + Chandon.

WOW! That was A LOT of photos. 
I kept my iPhone accessible in case the kids called.
Didn't realize how many pictures I clicked along the way.
Just a few more Vermont posts and then we'll catch up on real life.

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