12 April 2013

Biker Babes

Buby never wants to sit on any of Daddy's bikes.
Never. Ever. Ever.
No surprise there. Risk isn't his thing.
But these two? Ohhhh...
I'm in trouble with these two.

Bear especially.
Our littlest has been smitten with motorcycles since his womb days.
I'm pretty sure it's a genetic thing... bike lovin'. 
He's smart, strong and fearless, too. As in zero fear. 
He'll standby patiently all weekend for an invitation to climb on.
(Daddy's lap, engine off... of course.)

I see many late nights of father-son bike building in their future.
I think My Sweets sees it, too.
But just the thought of my two year old growing up someday.
Being a teenager, a twenty something.
Wanting to ride himself.
That makes my stomach flip.
Literally flip.

My Sweets and I have been riding together for the last 20 years.
Seriously, he'd pull into my parents' neighborhood and turn his engine off. 
I'd sneak out and hop on... return two hours later.
I've never felt UNsafe with him. In fact, I fell in love a million times over on that bike.
I even got my own permit at one point and trained off road.

I fully support Tom's love of motorcycles (and golf and fishing and whatever else).
I hope he rides them until he's super old and gray.
Riding makes him feel happy and free, which makes my heart sing.
But I secretly pray none of my littles ever wants to ride.
I'm pretty sure I would never sleep again.

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