15 February 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

The pretty paper I chose for this year's love letters to my family. 

I'm happy this little fella napped so that I could prep for the dinner paaar-tay later

And by prep I mean set the table and finish the kids' gifts; by paaar-tay I mean just the five of us.

A bottle of Hudson Valley Baby Bourbon whiskey for My Sweets; pieces of my card to him.

Organic brownies baked the night before... and hit with an avalanche of powdered sugar.

Necklaces for my littles made from our collection of Cape May shells; two linzer tarts reserved for us.

Puppy love tattoos all around.

Chocolate-covered strawberries made to order by our village baker.
I requested no red (dye) drizzle, but they were amazing anyway!

The handmade-hearts tree; valentine boxes we use every year. 

Pb+j and turkey/cheese sandwiches for lunch.

Elegant tulips hand delivered to dance class by My Sweets. Our favorite!

So packed with berries they were hard to flip.

Pancakes on the Eve of Valentine's Day using farmer Ron's homemade mix.

Buby loves to sneak downstairs (without the other kids) and help me prepare dinner.

A sampling of Bleu's cards: Stencil, cut, stamp, sign, hole punch, lace.

Pancake lover boy #1.

A sampling of Buby's cards: Draw, cut, stamp, address, distribute.

A hike through the village... and stalking the big snow-removal trucks.

To be continued...

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