21 February 2013

Bits + Pieces

My random iPhone shots from the last week.

My Sweets turned 38... or 83 according to Bleu's card.
We threw him a little surprise party, ordered a carrot cake from Randi and 
picked up an assortment of handmade truffles (for him) from the chocolatier. 
I had the worst migraine all day and by 5pm was throwing up from the pain. Stinky timing! 

 I took the kids shopping so they could each pick out a gift and some Spritz decorations.
Bleu declared that Daddy needed "warm and cozy jammies" like hers and polka dot balloons.
We found a pj shirt for him at Target that says Ponies Forever. Perfect!

Buby decided that Daddy should have a boat. A BOAT. Luckily his second idea was seeds for their garden.
We went to Lowe's and he picked out $20 worth of organic seed packets and stripey party hats.
Ollie Bear chose a black Johnny Cash t-shirt and wrapped up a piece of his train track. 
Then he markered all over the white paper with great pride. Kids crack me up.

 My seven year old is always reading. 
He walks and reads and eats and reads and bumps into a lot of furniture.

My Sweets made us this amazing Jacques Pepin flatiron steak stew over the weekend. 

Bleu likes to stretch out on furry rugs and help set a festive table. 

Merida doll was a Christmas gift from my mom. She's our fave!
Bleu puts her in this ballet-style dress and has her ride a 28-inch plush horse around the house.

The boys build some fantastic castles for their ocean friends.
Then Ollie promptly (and happily) knocks them down.

We're on vacation, so the kids can watch Curious George after breakfast.
We all love Curious George. Look at those faces!
P.S. I have this same TV face on Monday nights during The Bachelor.

Strawberry-banana-blueberry yogurt smoothie for a pick-me-up after dance class is canceled.

These heart-shaped lemon plums are juicy and deeeeeelicious. 
Buy them bright yellow and wait a few days for them to turn reddish at home.

The Silly Sentences is good for a laugh.

There's always a kid on my back. Always.
As you can see behind me, Ollie is about to hop on Buby's. A no-no in this house.
P.S. Bleu is wearing some serious clip-on earrings. 

A well-deserved bagel outing after Ollie's Thursday morning gym class. 
Buby crafting at his desk (my childhood desk) before bed.

Making his own Fairyland puzzle by cutting out different-shaped illustrations.

Four-year-old Bleu usually insists on doing things herself, but once in a while she asks for help
We told her how to spell "with" and she can't believe it doesn't end with an "f."

 To the distillery for My Sweets' overpriced bourbon. The ride is an adventure!

 Bear carried this cabinet lock around for a solid week. Another random non-toy attachment.
My two-year-old still needs and loves his afternoon nap.

Three babes just moments after a wild dance party. Everyone is out of breath. 

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