26 February 2013

Nap Routine

Shortly after lunch my littlest sits on the potty one last time, walks upstairs, and climbs into his bed for nap. I squeeze in next to him, read two George books aloud, sing a silly Cecily G. song (he giggles!), and then rub his back for a minute or two while he winds down from our busy morning. 

After rubbing his back I turn over and "rest" for 15-20 minutes. This signals for him to go to sleep. (If ever there is a good time for me to text a photo, read the NY Times or check in on social media from my phone, this is it... while tucked under a rainbow quilt waiting for Bear to drift off.) As soon as he's asleep I tiptoe out of the room and fly downstairs to get important stuff done before he wakes. There's usually a lot to do. Nap ranges anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours. When I hear that first "Mommy!" through the baby monitor I dart upstairs to greet him and we go about the rest of our day. 

Ollie quite likes our midday routine and so do I. By 2:55pm we are on our way to the schoolhouse to pick up the other kiddos, and it can sometimes feel like c-r-a-z-y t-o-w-n here between the hours of 3-8pm. Nap time, however brief, helps both Ollie and I navigate the after-school storm with more patience and humor. Over the years I've had a few friends and family (firm believers in the cry-it-out method) say that my way takes too long and holds fewer guarantees. This is true. But I'm three kids in, and this is how I've done it each time.

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