28 February 2013

Bits + Pieces

I can't help but snap photos of my baby boy napping. Look at his face!!
My Sweets gets texts like this every day.

Sunday we played hide and seek with some good old friends. 

Buby is teaching me the game of chess. It's a lot to remember, 
so he flagged me a cheat sheet from his Dangerous Book.

First day back at school after February break.

Castle building at Alana's.

Homemade cookie dough with Buby and Bleu.

Couldn't find my apron, so Buby let me borrow.

The day I accidentally made Ollie's lunch orange + yellow.

Build-and-explode-your-own-volcano from Academics Club.  

Eric Carl water color by Bleu. 

Her letter to Ella: "I Hope You had a great time in Florida."

Twenty of his 38 candles belong to me :)

What's up, girl?

These two measure, pour, roll, mix, scrape, shape and spoon. 
Surprisingly, without any fighting.

My secret ice cream sundae + thumbprints right before going in the oven. 

Buby and Bleu planned a slumber party on Friday night.
Bear tried busting in, but it was their thing so we left after two books.

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