05 February 2013

"I Do Believe in Fairies"

So here's the deal. Buby is absolutely fascinated with fairies. He likes the idea of them carrying on in a whole secret world that is separate from ours. He has yet to see a real fairy, but he has been researching them and believes they exist. (Similar to his feelings on gnomes.)

Here's what we've learned so far. They are tiny, about five or six inches tall. They live outdoors in trees and caves. They have access to magical dust that lets them fly. Except in the rain. They eat bananas and mangoes and leaves. Plastic will harm them. They have lots of jobs. They are friendly. They love kids. Tinkerbell is a made-up character, and she's nothing like a real fairy.

One of Buby's school pals challenged him on this, so he's been on a mission ever since to prove that the whimsical little creatures do in fact exist. He fashioned this humane "trap" and put it on his bedside chest so that he might catch a fairy at night and bring it to school the next morning. Notice the banana hanging by yarn, the miniature fool's gold bait, and the silver bell (used at our wedding in 2000) to alert him in the wee hours should a fairy take the bait. It's been about a week with no luck. We might have to switch out the banana soon...

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